Process Overview

Dear Applicant:

The Lower Clear Creek Ditch Company (“Ditch Company”) is a mutual ditch company with the purpose of delivering water to agricultural and municipal shareholders via the Lower Clear Creek Ditch (“the Ditch”).  The Lower Clear Creek Ditch has operated since 1861. 

Before any work is allowed that may affect the Ditch, the Ditch Company requires a completed application, deposit, license agreement, and crossing fee.


  • Fill out a crossing application provided by the Ditch Company.  Request a crossing application by emailing the Lower Clear Creek Ditch Company
  • Applicant submits appropriate deposit
Deposit fees will be used to pay for reasonable administrative, legal, and engineering expenses incurred by the Ditch Company associated with the project. Unused portions of the deposit fee will be refunded. If the deposit fee is exhausted, the Ditch Company will require additional deposits.

Mail the deposit to:

Lower Clear Creek Ditch Company
P. O. Box 701
Eastlake, CO 80614

Note: Please indicate the project name on the check

  • Ditch Company will discuss the proposed project at the next monthly board meeting
  • Ditch Company will contact the applicant of its decision
  • Applicant submits engineering construction drawings or plans
Please review Engineering Guidelines prior to submittal

Construction plans may be sent via mail or e-mail:

Colby Hayden
Deere & Ault Consultants
c/o Lower Clear Creek Ditch Company
600 S. Airport Road, Bldg A, STE 205
Longmont, CO 80503
  • Ditch Company’s engineer reviews construction plans for approval
Note: The Ditch Company’s engineering counsel does not represent the applicant

License Agreement
  • Ditch Company’s attorney drafts a licensed agreement
Attorney: Gilbert (Gib) Marchand

Note: The Ditch Company’s legal counsel does not represent the applicant
  • All parties execute licensed agreement and applicant submits applicable crossing fee
Mail the crossing fee to:

Lower Clear Creek Ditch Company
P. O. Box 701
Eastlake, CO 80614

Note: Please indicate the project name on the check
Note: The crossing fee is separate from the deposit and requires separate payment.
  • Applicant may begin project activity that affects the Ditch
  • Licensed agreement is recorded with Adams County
  • Project completed in accordance with approved engineering plans and licensed agreement
  • Ditch Company inspects project for acceptance
  • Constructed structure is maintained per licensed agreement
  • Deposit balance is refunded to applicant (this may occur after the warranty period, if applicable)